The Law Office of Raymond T. McKenzie, Esq. is a business law firm located in Montgomery County, Maryland, that has one fundamental mission: to provide our corporate and franchise clients with excellent legal advice, in a trustworthy manner, while establishing long-lasting client relationships.

It is no secret that the public’s perception of attorneys is one of greed and dishonesty.The founding principle of the Law Office of Raymond T. McKenzie, Esq. is the belief that the most important traits that a lawyer possesses are integrity and honesty. It is these core principles that dictate the quality advice, attention to detail and trusting relationship that we provide to our clients at all times.

With unwavering integrity and honesty as our guiding principles, the Law Office of Raymond T. McKenzie, Esq. utilizes a common sense, “can-do” approach when advising our clients in the areas of corporate and franchise law, particularly as the law relates to business strategy and development.We educate our clients with the knowledge of an experienced franchise and business law attorney, combined with the personal touch and attention to detail of a lawyer in a small firm.

We explain the law affecting franchisors, franchisees and corporate clients in an easy to understand fashion when it comes to the various legal and ethical issues that confront our clients’ business operations.We seek to find creative solutions to overcome obstacles that may otherwise hinder finalizing the sale or purchase of a business, or resolving a franchise or corporate dispute.We believe that our firm’s merit is derived from the growth and success of our clients’ respective businesses. The Law Office of Raymond T. McKenzie, Esq. works with our franchise and corporate clients with the goal of helping their businesses flourish.